Welcome to WP Ecademy. The content on this page is for you the reader and is designed for you to get maximum benefit from it

WP Ecademy was born. from a use of WordPress, which dates back to 2009 and my first interaction with the platform, which happened to be on the WordPress.com version of the platform

However, what you might not realise, if you use that side of the platform, is that you are severely restricted by the type of content you can post

Affiliate Links are in the main a No no….Doing so, could lead you to losing your wordpress account

But, if you are using the dot.org side of the platform and have a self hosted domain name, which you have brought, then you have control over what goes onto your blog or website.

That said, WordPress.org can be a minefield for the end user and thats why WP Ecademy was born and created, to help you to get the most out of your website and / or blog

On here you will learn how to do, certain things from the basics of WordPress, right through to the more complex things and how you can make your own WordPress membership site, which works for you 24/7/365


How This Site Will Help You …


WordPress for many is a total minefield posing lots of different questions

Which Theme is Best

Do I pay for Themes

Which Plugins are best

Do I need a membership plugin

And a Lot more besides!

Overall the intnetion of WP Ecademy is to provide you ideas that give you good value for money and in turn save you moeny as well


At the side of this website, you will see the categories tab.

There you will find reviews on various WordPress products and services, not only the ones we have used over time, but others have used as well.

You can make a decision if you are in two minds, as to whether its for you or not

The banner located at the top right hand side, is a fantastic WordPress System, which will get you leads through your own  WordPress site

Under that, you will see the categories box, which will also work in connection with the search bar at the top of the site.

To use the search bar, simply type in the name of the product / service you are looking for and the review or post will come up for it.In


Along the bottom you will also see the Social Media Profile that WP eCademy can be followed on and lastly but by no means least, is out FTC Disclaimer




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