GeneratePress Premium:A Freelancers DREAM

GeneratePress Premium, is an absolute Freelancers dream, In fact its not just a freelancers dream Absolutely anyone who has a website and is using WordPress, can’t help but fall in love with this very flexible and easily customisable Premium WordPress Theme. It could be said, quite safely that it is almost a complete WordPress Tool … Read More

Blogger Or WordPress

Blogger or WordPress: Which is better When it comes to starting a free blog.  The Question which gets asked is  “Which Is Better, Blogger or WordPress”  If you don’t know, Blogger is Googles free blog, so it is owned by them, but allows you a degree of flexibility when it comes to publishing content What it … Read More

How to Change the Default Theme

This post is going to cover the default theme. WordPress, gives you a default, theme when you login. Its usually called Twenty followed by a number in words. For example Twenty Nineteen, Twenty Fifteen. Or as you can see below Twenty Twenty At first glance, they look alright and easy on the eye But on … Read More

How To Use Your WordPress Dashboard

So this post is going to explain and show how to use your WordPress Dashboard through the video below Obviously the dashboard part of your WordPress Blog, where you get the notifications and can make quick adjustments to key areas Its important to remember that with anything to do with WordPress, that you can’t brake … Read More