Blogger Or WordPress

Blogger or WordPress: Which is better

When it comes to starting a free blog.  The Question which gets asked is 

“Which Is Better, Blogger or WordPress” 

If you don’t know, Blogger is Googles free blog, so it is owned by them, but allows you a degree of flexibility when it comes to publishing content

What it doesn’t let you do however, is either point a domain name to it from your domain name provider or can you buy a domain name directly for it.

In terms of links and linking to external sites, yes you can do that, but you don’t have fill control over it

But, with …


That is the self hosted version of WordPress and not the version you can read about on  the  About  Page of this site 

The self hosted version gives you total control over every aspect of WordPress, so that you can build your own brand very nicely.

Well you can see a good example of that with this site as it is a self hosted WordPress site

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