Elementor The Page Builder That Halves Your Workload

If You are Looking at Elementor,

as a page builder and wondering if it is worth having

This post will give you a good review so that you have all the facts you need to make an informed decision

It should be noted at this time, that Elementor comes in two versions 



For the ease of reading, this post will focus on the Free version first of all.

The Free version  lets you get to grips with and learn the basic elements of how Elementor Works

Which you can see in the picture below

Each Element above, is a drag and drop icon which fits nicely into a widget box which you would see at the bottom of the screen, when editing in Elementor

This is illustrated in the picture below.

The Elements shown in the picture, will be found in the left hand side bar. All you have to do is drag and drop them in and bingo, your page starts to build nicely and smoothly

As you will see, this has a wide variety of options, designed to wet your taste buds and obviously, this page has been built using Elementor

So with the free version covered, lets now take a look at the 

Pro Version

As with most things WordPress, the Pro or paid version, however you want to call it, is better and gives you way more options

The Pro Version is also commissionable

Meaning you get paid a commission from promoting it on your website.The commission is 50%

In WordPress payment terms that is pretty good

There are 3 licences you can buy

Personal $49 for the year for 1 website

Plus $99 for the year for 3 websites

Expert $199 for the year for 1,000 sites

The picture below shows you the difference between free and Pro

All in All, Elementor comes with my highest recommendation.

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