GeneratePress Premium:A Freelancers DREAM

GeneratePress Premium, is an absolute Freelancers dream, In fact its not just a freelancers dream

Absolutely anyone who has a website and is using WordPress, can’t help but fall in love with this very flexible and easily customisable

Premium WordPress Theme.

It could be said, quite safely that it is almost a complete WordPress Tool box option that you would need

Built by a freelancer who teases you nicely with the Free Version, which is okay

You will find yourself, almost salivating, when you see what the Premium version can do for your website

This website is actually built using the Catalyst Template you see below

The joy of using the GeneratePress Premium version is that unlike other Themes which have site importers

GeneratePress Premium site importers, actually fit nicely over the top of either your existing theme

Or if you are doing a blank build, then everything when its imported, actually looks like the demo version

Which inspired you to go Premium in the First place, which if you have ever tried other Site importers

Will know that your imported version, ususally causes you to go


As your dream site becomes a coded mess in front of your very eye

Not So With GeneratePress Premium

Once imported, you then have to simply tweak ( with help from the documentation)

How you want your site to look

The beauty of this is, that as with all things WordPress, its impossible to break anything

Simply go to the customiser, select the section or area you want to work in

Tick or untick boxes and your site takes shape before your very eyes

Within minutes, you have delicious looking website, that looks like it has been designed by a total Pro.

Now that is awesome. as I am sure you will agree

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