How To Use Your WordPress Dashboard

So this post is going to explain and show how to use your WordPress Dashboard through the video below

Obviously the dashboard part of your WordPress Blog, where you get the notifications and can make quick adjustments to key areas

Its important to remember that with anything to do with WordPress, that you can’t brake it.

It will do pretty much everything that you ask of it, except perhaps … Make the Tea!

With the Quick Draft box, you can choose to have it removed, but, just as a little tip, you might find it useful to keep it where it is, or to move it more central and to the top as per the video underneath .



The reason for this, is because, you will find yourself, thinking of post titles, at the most odd times and as the dashboard area  is the first thing you see when you login to your admin area, its a good idea to make a note of the post title, with perhaps a few lines of text to start you off… Just in case you should forget!!

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