This page is going to explain the resources used to build this website and the reasons behind why those resources are chosen.

You’ll find links to the resources in the footer section as well, but this page gives a more in depth explanation as to why they are chosen 

So, lets start with the Theme first .

Astra pro was chosen, simply because after testing and using a lot of free and premium themes, without exception, all of them provided the site with issues

One of those issues was a slow load time, which in website terms, was a major factor in helping people stay on the site longer.

So after testing and using a number, we chose Astra simply because it does the job we want it to with the minimum of fuss

Next, we wanted to have a page builder that did a number of things, which Gutenburg didn’t do.

Again a number of page builder plugins were tried and tested and without exception, nearly all of them had issues with them, which made our website building, a lot harder than it needed to be

All of them that is bar one

Elementor and so we decided to have this as our page builder, again for a number of reasons, not least of which it integrates very nicely with Astra

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