Start Here

So, like all websites, where do you start?… The Good news is that you’re on that page.

Here, you’ll learn where you can find what you are looking for and get direction around the site.

So, starting with the very top menu, The About page explains all about WP Ecademy.

The Products tab. will show you what this site uses, which we very firmly believe is all you need to build a professional looking website

The Blog Tab is where you can find reviews of WordPress products and Services, this includes our own experiences

On the right hand side bar of the blog page, you will find the categories section, simply choose the section you want to read more about

The search bar. Found at the top right of the website Type in the term you are looking for and the post related to that topic, should be displayed

Or, you can click on the categories tab and select the topic from the drop down menu that appears.

To get started quickly and learn Your WordPress Dashboard, simply click Free Quick Start Guide